Staff training closures

The surgery has staff training days once a month, excluding January, August and December. On these training dates the surgery will be closed from 13:30 to 17:00. During this time if you need a doctor in an emergency please dial 999 or if you need urgent advice please dial 111 otherwise ring the surgery when we re-open at 16:00.

Dates for 2020

Wednesday, 26.02.2020
Tuesday, 24.03.2020
Tuesday, 28.04.2020
Wednesday, 13.05.2020
Wednesday, 10.06.2020
Wednesday, 08.07.2020
Tuesday, 22.09.2020
Wednesday, 14.10.2020
Tuesday, 24.11.2020

Dates for 2021

Wednesday, 10.02.2021
Tuesday, 23.03.2021